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local oldPull = os.pullEvent os.pullEvent = os.pullEventRaw term.clear() if not fs.exists("./sha256.lua") then local sha = http.get("") if sha == nil then error("Failed to download sha256.lua",0) end local shaFile ="./sha256.lua","w") shaFile.write(sha.readAll()) shaFile.close() sha.close() end local sha256 = require("sha256") local lockName = "Ammonia" -- Feel free to rename this if you'd like, just don't make it too long. local tx,ty = term.getSize() term.setCursorPos(tx-string.len(lockName),1) term.setTextColor(colors.gray) -- If you want the text to not be visible, make it term.write(lockName) term.setTextColor(colors.white) if not fs.exists("/.amcreds") then term.setCursorPos(1,1) term.write("Please insert your password") print() local pass = read("\007") print("Please repeat your password.") local pass2 = read("\007") while pass2 ~= pass do print("Passwords do not match, please try again.") pass2 = read("\007") end local hpass = string.char(unpack(sha256.digest(pass))) local creds ="/.amcreds","w") print(textutils.serialize(hpass)) creds.write(hpass) creds.close() os.reboot() elseif fs.exists("/.amcreds") then term.setCursorPos(1,1) term.write("Welcome, please log in.") print() local creds ="/.amcreds","r") local hpass = creds.readAll() creds.close() local pass = read("\007") local hpass2 = string.char(unpack(sha256.digest(pass))) while hpass2 ~= hpass do print("Incorrect password, please try again.") pass = read("\007") hpass2 = string.char(unpack(sha256.digest(pass))) end end term.clear() term.setTextColor(colors.yellow) term.setCursorPos(1,1) term.write("CraftOS 1.8") print()