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HOW TO MAKE $325 NOW + ADDITIONAL MONTHLY PASSIVE CASH 1. Make a free Sofi account and link your normal external bank. Use the ref link here: 2. They will give you a free savings and free checking account. Copy the savings account number and routing number. 3. Test your new savings account by moving at least $25, this gets you your $25 welcome bonus. You can move money back and forth for free. 4. Tell your boss you want direct deposit and give him your new Sofi account number and routing number. 5. Once it connects, your next paycheck should arrive 2 days early! And you can see your interest grow in the app or website. This makes you a premium member and you can now earn 2x points and get 4.60% APY on your savings account. 4.6 is one of the highest rates in the country and it's completely passive income. You can move your money back to your real bank whenever you need it. They will also send you a free debit card that also earns points. Earnings: Welcome Bonus = $25 DD Bonus = $50-300 Monthly APY = 4.60% +Points for doing regular tasks -no fees -no min deposit -no bank/wire transfer fees -free debit/credit cards -earn points for free credit score monitoring, bill paying, investing, loans, etc. Sofi is FDIC insured for 250k. It's listed here: Best part: Any cash you hold in your Sofi account (bonuses, wages, etc) earns 4.60% interest, accrued daily and compounded monthly. Holding $100 earns $4.60 Holding $1000 earns $46.50 Holding $10000 earns $465.00 Good Luck!