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local function printUsage() local programName = arg[0] or fs.getName(shell.getRunningProgram()) print("Usages:") print(programName .. " put <filename>") print(programName .. " get <code> <filename>") print(programName .. " run <code> <arguments>") end local tArgs = {...} if #tArgs < 2 then printUsage() return end if not http then printError("DevBin requires the http API") printError("Set http.enabled to true in CC: Tweaked's config") return end --- Attempts to guess the DevBin ID from the given code or URL local function extractId(paste) local patterns = { "^([%a%d]+)$", "^https?://[%a%d]+)$", "^[%a%d]+)$", "^https?://[%a%d]+)$", "^[%a%d]+)$" } for i = 1, #patterns do local code = paste:match(patterns[i]) if code then return code end end return nil end local function get(url) local paste = extractId(url) if not paste then io.stderr:write("Invalid DevBin code.\n") io.write("The code is the ID at the end of the URL.\n") return end write("Connecting to ") -- Add a cache buster so that spam protection is re-checked local cacheBuster = ("%x"):format(math.random(0, 2 ^ 30)) local response, err = http.get("" .. textutils.urlEncode(paste) .. "?cb=" .. cacheBuster) if response then -- If spam protection is activated, we get redirected to /paste with Content-Type: text/html -- Should not happen with DevBin local headers = response.getResponseHeaders() if not headers["Content-Type"] or not headers["Content-Type"]:find("^text/plain") then io.stderr:write("Failed.\n") print( "DevBin blocked the download due to spam protection. Please complete the captcha in a web browser:" .. textutils.urlEncode(paste) ) return end print("Success.") local sResponse = response.readAll() response.close() return sResponse else io.stderr:write("Failed.\n") print(err) end end local key = settings.get("devbin.token", "computercraft") local uploadAsGuest = settings.get("devbin.upload_as_guest", true) if not settings.get("devbin.token") then settings.set("devbin.token", key) end if settings.get("devbin.upload_as_guest") == nil then settings.set("devbin.upload_as_guest", true) end local sCommand = tArgs[1] if sCommand == "put" then -- Upload a file to -- Determine file to upload local sFile = tArgs[2] local sPath = shell.resolve(sFile) if not fs.exists(sPath) or fs.isDir(sPath) then print("No such file") return end -- Read in the file local sName = fs.getName(sPath) local file =, "r") local sText = file.readAll() file.close() -- POST the contents to devbin write("Connecting to ") local response, err = "", textutils.serialiseJSON({ title = sName, syntaxName = "lua", content = sText, asGuest = uploadAsGuest, }), { ["Authorization"] = key, ["Content-Type"] = "application/json", } ) if response then print("Success.") local sResponse = response.readAll() response.close() sResponse = textutils.unserialiseJSON(sResponse); local sCode = sResponse.code; print("Uploaded as" .. sCode) print('Run "devbin get ' .. sCode .. '" to download anywhere') else print("Failed.", err) end elseif sCommand == "get" then -- Download a file from if #tArgs < 3 then printUsage() return end -- Determine file to download local sCode = tArgs[2] local sFile = tArgs[3] local sPath = shell.resolve(sFile) if fs.exists(sPath) then print("File already exists") return end -- GET the contents from devbin local res = get(sCode) if res then local file =, "w") file.write(res) file.close() print("Downloaded as " .. sFile) end elseif sCommand == "run" then local sCode = tArgs[2] local res = get(sCode) if res then local func, err = load(res, sCode, "t", _ENV) if not func then printError(err) return end local success, msg = pcall(func, select(3, ...)) if not success then printError(msg) end end else printUsage() return end